Outback Wood Products: Los Angeles storage shed builder. Los Angeles county wood storage sheds & wood storage barns. Wood outdoor storage buildings. Los Angeles custom built wood sheds & barns. Storage shed kits & barn shed kits.
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Outback Wood Storage Sheds and Barn Sheds are fabricated to last.
Only the finest grade materials are used in the construction of your shed.

Outback Los Angeles wood storage sheds. Los Angeles storage shed builder, Outdoor wood storage sheds. Los Angeles Outdoor storage buildings.
Outback Wood Storage Sheds
Los Angeles County, California Storage Sheds

The Outback Gable Shed comes in 2 styles: The Standard Gable Shed has 6' 8" exterior side walls with the door placed on the peak end of the shed. The Tall Gable Shed has taller walls for more storage space. The taller walls allow for doors to be placed on any wall. Many options are available for your shed.

Our storage sheds are also available in "do-it-yourself" kits.  Shed Kits Information

Outback Wood Barn Sheds
Los Angeles County, CA Storage Barns

The Outback Barn Shed also comes in 2 styles: The Standard Barn Shed comes with 6' 7" exterior side walls. Doors are placed on the peak end wall. Barn sizes range from 8' x 6' up to 12' x 32'.

The Tall Barn Shed comes with taller walls and is suitable for overhead loft storage. This storage barn is available in an exterior side wall height of 7' 8" and 8' 8". Doors can be placed on any wall. Also, many options are available for customizing your barn shed.

Outback Los Angeles wood storage barn builder. Los Angeles wood storage barn sheds, storage barn kits. Los Angeles Outdoor wood storage barns, outdoor storage buildings.

Outback Los Angeles custom wood shed builder. Los Angeles custom wood storage sheds, custom storage barn sheds. Los Angeles custom outdoor wood storage sheds & barns, custom outdoor storage buildings.
Outback Custom Wood Sheds
Los Angeles County, CA Custom Wood Sheds

Outback Custom Sheds are built to your specifications. From non-standard sizes and wall heights, to special use buildings with custom doors and windows.

Many options are available. Add extra trim such as a window box and simulated shutters, double French doors, shelves, benches, double doors or steel roll-up doors, and ventilation.

Outback Wood Storage Sheds & Wood Barn Sheds Are Available in Kits or Installed
Los Angeles County Installation is Available for Outback Wood Sheds & Barn Sheds. Kit Delivery is Available

Outback Wood Shed & Barn Shed Kits
Los Angeles County, CA Wood Shed & Wood Barn Kits

Do-it-yourself Kits are available for Outback Gable Sheds and Outback Barn Sheds. The Gable Shed Kits and Barn Shed Kits are ready-to-assemble, with all items pre-cut and clearly labeled. No special tools are needed. Easy-to-follow instructions with illustrations are provided, as well as free customer support.

Los Angeles Kit Delivery Information
Outback Los Angeles wood storage shed kits, wood storage barn shed kits. Los Angeles Outdoor storage shed kits, Los Angeles Outdoor storage building kits.

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